A naturopathic consultation will take you on a journey of healing. Through the use of dietary and lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements, herbal medicine and other forms of natural therapies you can regain overall health and balance.


In this day and age our lives are fast and often full of many stressors, we invite you to step into a yoga class of calmness. We invite you to take a deep breath, allow the noise of the world to stop and re-connect with your deeper self once again.


The more regularly and the more deeply you meditate, the sooner you will find yourself acting always from a centre of inner peace.


We invite you to try this remarkable experience. Energy healing is exceptionally potent and has been used in ancient cultures for hundreds of years. Healing occurs not just on a physical level, but also on the deeper emotional and energetic level.


Ayurvedic massage coming soon to our centre.

Welcome to our Naturopathic Dispensary, Wellbeing Store & Studio

The essence of our wellbeing centre consists of holistic healing.

We value; compassion in caring and understanding your individual health needs; working with you to support your wellbeing journey; communication in discussing what’s possible to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals; connection with others to help you grow your wellbeing potential.

We are here to offer you professional holistic advice about your health and wellbeing and encourage you to come in and meet us.

We have a diverse range of wellbeing products within our wellbeing dispensary/store such as; nutritional supplements for the whole family, herbal medicine and organic medicinal dried herbs, crystals, recipe books, wellbeing books, oracle cards and more!

We have a beautiful yoga studio space where we run a range of different classes and workshops.

We also have a wellbeing library where you can borrow and return any of our books.

‘Our centre is here for you, and it is my hope that you and your family will benefit from all that we have to offer’ – Carly

Emily John

After completing the detox program, I had more energy better sleep and was able to kick sugar cravings to swap for a more balance diet. Carly is very knowledgeable and accommodating to creating a program that best suits your needs as well as maintaining health goals. Thank you so much Carly for getting my health back on track xx

Jackie Tailor

I began seeing Carly for natural advice about how to manage my thyroid condition. In less than a year my overall health has improved dramatically. My thyroid levels have returned to normal and I feel so much better! I have energy, I know what to eat to stay healthy and I am generally so much healthier.

Tina Scott

I first went to Carly back in August as I beginning to get headaches and rashes heading into the Hayfever season. Over the last few years my symptoms have been getting worse to the point of facial rashes ect. I have since through the guidance of Carly followed a low histamine diet and worked on getting my gut health sorted and feel great. I have only had to take 2 hayfever tablets so far this year and have learnt so much in regards to what my body doesn’t like in the way of foods. I cannot recommend her enough . Will forever be a client of hers. Also I have done the Yoga classes at the centre and they a wonderful. Beautiful space and Wonderful teachers. If you are serious about your health and well-being, not only physically but spiritually the Otway Wellbeing Centre is the perfect place to start.

How Our Naturopathy Appointments Work

Your initial consultation

This consultation runs for approximately 1 hour. We discuss your whole health history, review tests, look at current health issues, diet and lifestyle and work to create a holistic treatment plan that feels right for you. As part of this consultation, you will receive a detailed Naturopathic report.
Zoom consultations available.

Return Consultation

This consultation runs for approximately 30-40 minutes. We will review your treatment plan, review tests, determine if any changes need to be made and set new goals.
Zoom consultations available.

Acute consultation

This is a shorter 30-minute consultation that is for acute conditions only. We will determine what acute supplements and dosages need to be given and what dietary changes need to be made.
Zoom consultations available.

The Journey Towards Health
Begins on the Path of Self Love
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